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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
This is a poem
From the start you had all of my heart
I gave you all of my love
From the begin you had all my attention
You could have asked me to jump
And I would have asked you how high

I cared too much to see you cry
Your tears were like thorns in my heart
Your pain was my misery
Your happiness was heaven for me
Your smile lightened up my life

It was my mission
To put you in a position
Where you could enjoy my affection
But you don’t appreciate my attention
Now I find myself in this position
Where I have to ask for your permission
Because my heart knows no conditions
You needed to take some action
To bring our love to perfection

But you take my love for granted
You keep feeding my heart with your lies
And that is killing me
And I am slowly sinking
Deep down in my sorrow
I am drowning in my tears
As I face my fears of loosing you

My heart is breaking
Because your love is taken
I don’t know why you are pretending
It is clear you are playing
Because all you do is keep hurting me

Finally, I see the light
It is clear to me
I realize now
That you don’t deserve me
You don’t deserve my attention
You don’t deserve my affection
You don’t deserve my love
You don’t deserve my time
You don’t deserve my heart
You don’t deserve ME
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Sometimes , it happen again...
Guys , have you ever missing your ex-boyfriend? It currently happen on myself , ergh! Ok , it is something crazy , but who cares? It had been about 3 months, and omg I still can't forget him? What the hell , haih! How long it will be? I can't stand to hide it. God , please , I hate him but err I love him! I know he don't deserve me. I know he's not for me , and I'm not for him. I know he doesn't ever love me. I know he was just joking when I was with him. I know I know I know. Sometimes , I feel too stupid of thinking this matter. Well , I know , I must not be so like murah of terhegeh-hegeh on him. But eh IDK why?!!! Tasha , you're still young , you have so much time to think about love. But God , why should you test me with such thing? I need to get rid of it. And yeah , I know he is happy with his choice. I know there's a girl ,way to better than me is taking a good care of him. Omg , I can't believe this would happen to me? I never felt this sadness. I never ever sad when a guy left me for unacceptable reasons. But why am I so weak? Ex-boyfriend , congratulations for you and her. I'm quite happy for your love story at the FIRST SIGHT! *smiling tough.
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