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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Sometimes , it happen again...
Guys , have you ever missing your ex-boyfriend? It currently happen on myself , ergh! Ok , it is something crazy , but who cares? It had been about 3 months, and omg I still can't forget him? What the hell , haih! How long it will be? I can't stand to hide it. God , please , I hate him but err I love him! I know he don't deserve me. I know he's not for me , and I'm not for him. I know he doesn't ever love me. I know he was just joking when I was with him. I know I know I know. Sometimes , I feel too stupid of thinking this matter. Well , I know , I must not be so like murah of terhegeh-hegeh on him. But eh IDK why?!!! Tasha , you're still young , you have so much time to think about love. But God , why should you test me with such thing? I need to get rid of it. And yeah , I know he is happy with his choice. I know there's a girl ,way to better than me is taking a good care of him. Omg , I can't believe this would happen to me? I never felt this sadness. I never ever sad when a guy left me for unacceptable reasons. But why am I so weak? Ex-boyfriend , congratulations for you and her. I'm quite happy for your love story at the FIRST SIGHT! *smiling tough.
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