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Thursday, August 13, 2009
New Myspace Picture

OK , new picture from me. HAIHH. Why the flash is so so so BRIGHTT lahh? Hahaha. Looks so scaaaryyy , so putih maa hahaha. I'm not fair like this lah sangat. Ahh nevermind. As long as I'm not a faker!
Btw , I really love the colour of my eyes. It's Hazel. and it is the latest lenses from ERR I dont know the product hahaha. It's new product actually. But the colour is better than Freshlook. Freshlook tu simple sangat. This type of contactlens nampak bright sikit than the Freshlook. Trust me and just try lah !

*Updated on : 13th August 2009
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My pets

Chiwi , Tella , Stone

SEE SEE SEE! Comel kan kan? OK , actually ada another three kittens tapi Tasha belum tangkap gambar diorg lagi. I will update it later ok? Tella(middle) is their Mother. And actually , Stone tu bukan anak Tella. Stone tu , my dad jumpa dekat atap rumah I , Idk lah mcm mana boleh terjumpa. Stone's mother mcm tak layan Stone sangat , so I gave to Tella to take a good care of it even she knows tu bukan anak dia haihh pity them kan? BTW , cuba you all tengok kaki Stone tu! Weirdddd kan? Dia tak normal mcm kucing lain but comel hahaha.

*Will be update soon : Chiky , Ickie , Micky
*Updated on : 12th August 2009
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