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Saturday, September 5, 2009
I live my life way to better than yesterday
OMG , it's puasa. I never feel this way. Terasa like this year mencabar gila okay? About lapar or dahaga , I don't care sangat. But it's all about the environment. What the hell , so many motherfucker here?! And yes , I know they are such a cheap whore okay? Hahaha. They ain't enough of bringing drama , okay okay good acting slutties! I know I am your hot topic , and I know you are glamour than me , and so I don't even need your glamorous. No sweat, ugly bitches! You are keep telling the world about myself. Wow , don't you think you're embarrassing yourself? Cerita to whole kampung , and making yourself sucha "gelabah" dog shits , hahaha. Well , people so "respecting" you. Do you ever asking yourself why are they so like baik depan you? It's human being lah. Mencari kebaikan orang lain. I bet you ever heard this phrase kan? And I guess you are kind of this human type , right? Oh yeah , exactly I am right! You're hurting others without thinking what would happen on the future , and there will be the balasan for you , I never get wrong babes! Yes , I am shy and just quiet while you're shitting on me , but don't ever think you are the winner here , bitch. Nahh , never happen okay! Why yourself is like "burning"? Hahaha , because you are so evil , devils! You think you are great enough? Oh yeah yeah , you are so lucky being the greatest bakero hahaha. OMG I'm so scared with you. Eh eh , not only me lah , the whole world are so scared with you. DANGGGG! Doo , you're acting such a bunch of killer yaw , I'm so takut here maa. Please please , stop bully me , I feel like wanna cry on your shoulder lah , can I? Wow , am I crazy? Eww , you are so disgusting. Like tak mandi. Eh please go home lah , and don't ever come out. You're embarrassing your own mother , you know? Hahaha. Mak you tak tahu mandikan you ke? Why your armpit like "banjir"? Macam baru lepas rain cats and dogs kan? Hahaha. Oh never shave your dirty armpit hair eh? OMG , no wonder lah it's so smelly , got so many kutu ah? What kutu? Kutu pig pig ah? Hahahaha what the fuck am I talking about? Readers , I know you feel disgust kan? But I feel more than you. I am like wanna vomit here , eww she never shave her armpits? But want to be like a damn gorgeous lady with a tomboyish style? Okay okay , give her a chance lah. You're so pretty , honey? Hahaha *ikhlas lah ni! Btw , please buy a new deodorant lah , and don't share with your girlfriends please? They will get sick after knowing your armpit got errr "hutan" haha. Eh eh , by the way , can't you stop crying? You cry for no reason lah. Yes , I'm also easy to cry , but I cry with a reason. But you? Hahaha cry for a guy that doesn't ever need you? Eh so shame lah! You think you're sweet? Ah ya right! You're so sweet but how about your attitude? OMG , so like the kampung one lah. Eh , makcik yang duduk kat kampung pun tahu jaga diri , tapi kau? Eww , such a slut! Are you a real hooker? Oops , wrong question here. Hahaha. Haa what you are still talking about my mother? Hello! I think my mother is better and way better than you , so why must I follow what you've said to me? Hahaha hell no. Regreting of knowing you is number one in my mind now. Opening the new book or new hell diary? What the hell? You think I'm going to melt with your words ah? Oh ya right again , I'm so so melted here! Hahaha. Why should I be your "Best Friend Forever"? Eh my bestfriend will trust on me and will not keep those past stories. Kata dah settle , but wow "luka masih tercalar" eh awak? Berfalsafah lah you ni. Funny thangggg -.- Btw , do remind yourself that people had been blamed me eh only me okay and that was just because of you! They were never listen to my deep but err they were melted with your words. Eh are you asking for sympathise? Hahaha good for you. Eh you punch her face? Why? Pity her okay? Oh last time , I was thinking this little girl is so evil , but hey don't judge her by her appearance please? She is way to better than the bitch that punching her face. Haihh. What gonna be with these samseng lah? Hahaha. And you! Wohoo , lalang kan awak ni? But you said the others yang "lalang". You're such a funny jackass! To her bestfriends : Please be careful with this girl. She's not a good secret keeper. Pity-ing her bestfriends. Hahaha. And the last but not the least girl *cause maybe they are going to add up new samseng haha* hey dummy , you're also not a stick friend lah I guess. Tak tahu cerita betul , but you tell your bestfriends the wrong story? Hahaha you are kinda stupid here , the dumbest among your bestfriends. Tired of writing about her and her's. Well , I can stop writing if you stop bubbling your mouth with my name. Btw , you said I'm the betrayer? Better ask yourself before saying it. Don't be so stupid , kiddo! And err hell that , idiot! You are so poor thang pigass! ^-^

Sincerely write by Natasha
Last update : 5th September 2009
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